1st Edition, 22nd Printing ( stated print date) of "The Anarchist Cookbook" with all of the original content. Later editions were significantly edited down. The original version of the Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell. Powell starting at $ The Anarchist Cookbook has 7 available editions to buy at Alibris. Originally published: New York: L. Stuart, Read More.


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Give them the ISBN above and you should get it in a few weeks. Other mail order places also sell it, such as Paladin Press.

William Powell The Anarchist Cookbook | Luka Tudor -

Can I get the original Anarchist Cookbook off the net? It's easy to find files called the "Anarchist Cookbook" online, but I have never found the original despite extensive searching.

If 1971 anarchist cookbook find the real thing, feel free to send me a working path. Note that the original tells you how to make bail in New York City, provides a recipe for cacodyal, and explains how to demolish suspension bridges.

If your file doesn't have this, sorry, you haven't found the real thing. What files can I get online? There are lots of online files similar to the Anarchist Cookbook. Reviews 1971 anarchist cookbook links are here.

Is the Anarchist Cookbook safe and accurate? According to people who know explosives, it contains many dangerous errors and formulas that are likely to hurt you.

People strongly advise to stay away from it if you enjoy having your limbs.

Anarchist Cookbook FAQ

If you want to read it just for entertainment or to impress friends with it, however, go ahead. I thought it was rather 1971 anarchist cookbook and contained a lot of tedious 60's political rhetoric. I'd suggest saving your money, but buy it if you want. Also note that kids regularly blind, maim, deafen, or kill themselves or their friends by playing around with pipe bombs and other explosives.

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1971 anarchist cookbook Please avoid this, as it will not only mess up your life and upset your parents, but also motivates laws against the Internet and professional pyrotechnicians. A few safety tips to think about: Admittedly a gun is a special case, but the point is that a little bit of explosive can fling deadly bits of metal long distances at you.

SOLD OUT 1st Edition "The Anarchist Cookbook" by William Powell 22nd Printing 1971

Where can I get information on responsible pyrotechnics and explosives? Look at the rec.


I also list some books on responsible pyrotechnics. Shouldn't online cookbooks be banned?

SOLD OUT 1st Edition "The Anarchist Cookbook" by William Powell 22nd Printing — Buzz Bookstore

Journalists may ask, "Isn't it terrible that people can get the Anarchist Cookbook over the net? Shouldn't this be stopped?

These dangerous institutions will also sell you Nazi and hate literature, pornography, instructions on growing drugs, and so forth.

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