01 – What You Should Look At Before Creating A WP Website?

Hello and welcome to this daily series of podcast and blog posts where I share with you WordPress tips.

I am doing this because of the #97daychallenge of The Highly Paid Experts Network owned by Coach Victor Ekpo Bassey.

On today’s episode, we will be talking about what you should look out for before creating a WordPress website.

All the episode will be at erupt.online/WPClinic

To first thing to look out for is what are the things you want to do? Do you want to create a website for courses, e-commerce, memberships, podcasting or even a combo of any type?

The second thing to look at is how big is your budget? Your budget will explain what type of plugin or themes you can purchase

The third thing what resources can you use to achieve your needs. One of the things I talk about regularly is INTERCONNECTION.

Interconnection is the term that I use for the ability of WordPress plugins and themes to be able to communicate to one another. For instance, if you’ve got an e-commerce, courses plugin and membership plugin, interconnection is that which would make them be connected with one another and not having a clash of function.

The fourth thing that matters is how fast do you want it?

The Ultimate WordPress Toolkit helps you with a list of all the tools you need to erupt.online/toolkit